Terra Felice Identity

Young brand

founded in 2019, focused on natural & healthy products that are deeply rooted within the Mediterranean area, with a keen focus on biological and ecological sustainability and the utmost quality of raw ingredients, recipes and the production processes.

We aim

to become a connection that bridges the gap between organic farmers and processors and the urban consumer, that has become estranged from the true origins of healthy, natural food.

The ingredients

we use in our entire line of products are completely free of any types of harmful chemical residues. They are obtained organically and are always processed using technologies that protect their nutritional and organoleptic integrity.

We are

open to people that are willing to commit to the same set of core values and goals that we strive to achieve every day, pursuing the good, clean and fair in the ecosystem around our entire line of products.

Terra Felice Products

olive oil

tomato sauce

coffee & tea

fish specialties




sweet & salty snacks



Our mission

To bridge the gaps between farmers and urban consumers, so that we can make food that is being harvested, grown and produced locally available to the urban market, hassle-free.

What we stand for


We make sure our products are unique on the market, becoming the best choice.

Best experience

We identify the best producers, in order to create a unique culinary experience.

Organic food

All of the ingredients are organically obtained and processed.

Environmental friendly

Our packaging and logistics are carefully thought through to have minimal eco imprint.

What we stand for


We go to great lengths to ensure traceability of each and every one of our products.


Our products are constantly being innovated as a natural response to an evolving market.


Our entire line of products is a diverse showcasing of what the Mediterranean diet has to offer.


We create meaningful connections between the organic producers and the urban consumers.

Terra Felice Recipes

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